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MKX Suction Unit
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MKX Suction Unit allowing you to safely remove rubber particles and smoke released during the hose cutting operation. The particles are sucked into the container removing any hindering smell. The spark arrester between the cleaner box and the suction hose also ensures that glowing particles and rubber waste are immediately removed, thus minimizing the risk for fire. 


Depending which MKX-cutter you have selected you can select the right adaptor to connect your cutter to the MKX suction unit:

  •  MKX40 adaptor ring: 80 mm Ø connection (8000-10395)
  • MKX30 adaptor ring: 50 mm Ø connection (8000-10368) 
  • MKX25 adaptor ring: 40 mm Ø connection (8000-10375)

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